iThinked is the use of iDevices such as iPad or iPhones, Kindles for the education of our modern groups of young children and teenagers or even adults and seniors, in the hope of the growth and encouragement of logical thinking.

Kindle on a Macbook


Our learning landscape is fast changing, and evolving at a rapidly, probably at an exponential rate,

People used to use papers and pens, then the use of laptops or notebooks in classes, and now of course people favour smaller or lighter devices that can be carried around easily and yet more visually beautiful. Soon these light and great looking devices may or already are more powerful than some notebooks.

Is that really important? Well probably it’s a yes and no.

The convenience provided by portable devices are simply unparalleled. We can now Facebook in the corridor, on the bus etc, or learn on the go. Time can be a critical factor in some cases to some people. And the fast feedback and sharing of information can be an important factor to some. However, not to all.

No, because when we are committed to do a general task, we may also do it without iDevices. Mainly, it is the will of the individual to succeed. Though granted, when we work hard, the iDevices can also help us to succeed easier or fast. But there are no 2 individuals who are exactly the same, even twins differ, so does each to his own.

For example, some people are not good or even has little computer knowledge, but they also can be very competent in what they do and earn tons of money. If they need something done on the internet, they can just pay a low wage to hire a computer technical guy or gal to do it for him.

And there are also the multi-millionaires who made it very rich online using their technical knowledge and more.

But is it all just technical skills and know-how? Again, may not be. It’s said that Steve Jobs started with cold calling from a basement. And HP from a garage. Back then, there’s no social networks like LinkedIn or Tumblr.

And do all big companies stay true to their initial ideals and beliefs? You be the judge of that. When companies became that big with hundreds or even thousands of employees, it’s easy to get out of hand, especially when the founders no longer have or want to have the last or major say in everything.

So why do we even bother to learn technical stuffs, given the uncertainties and variables? Let’s see. Some may argue interest. Some simply keeping up with the times.

I would agree with Work Hard!

No matter the backgrounds, boundaries, limitations, obstacles or challenges, the importance being working hard.

And portable devices are just a on of the means or tool that we can leverage to help us work hard towards out goal. How much can it help, it depends also on how and what we use it for, don’t you think?

Before ending this page, there is also another important point I wish to share on working hard on whatever projects or with whatever technological leverages :

Do good projects, avoid bad ones.

Simply meaning that projects that help others in an authentic way without causing harm in any way to others.

I personally think this is critical because if someone becomes hugely influential in a some kind of shady or harmful business, then lots of people are going to get negatively affected – not a good thing for both the perpetrator and perpetrated. Just a matter of time before his or her actions boomerangs back. For example, a online scam.

Alright, here goes to all, don’t over-think and hope everyone has a very pleasant learning and good & successful endeavours!

Do take a break or vacation, have fun with your family and friends if and when you can afford it.  Best of luck!

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